Geom-e-Twee on the iPhone

Geom-e-Twee turns an iPhone or iPod Touch into a portable fascination for children.


Tree is the active surface. Multi-touch gestures vary the tree's form.

  • Move one finger up or down on the display to change the angle between branches.
  • Tap several fingers at once to change the number of branches the nodes throughout the tree.
  • Pinch or spread with two fingers to change the common ratio of all branches to their stems.
  • Double tap to have geom-e-tree use a special common ratio - branch tips will just touch each other but not overlap.
  • Tap in upper or lower half of display to adjust the angle by +/- one degree.
  • Themes

    Choose any of these colorful (or bold) themes to play with. More themes will be added as Twee gets a little older!


    When a particular twee strikes your fancy, go to the Share/Save tab to preserve it.

  • To Mail: If your device is configured for Mail, Geom-e-Twee can attach a twee to a message for you to send.
  • To Photos: You can save a twee in Photos, and then handle it like any other photo.
  • Help!

    See Geom-e-Tree in Action on YouTube to learn the moves, get tips, and watch demonstrations.

    Here is a link to the built-in Help Page for your reference.

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